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My artist should do what?

The Pandemic is still very much alive in these streets. Life is still going on and you might have a special event coming up and would like to get your makeup done. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about that, but please make wise choices.

You make an appointment with a professional makeup artist, but what sanitation practices should be executed?

Honestly, the only difference that should have occurred once COVIDa (that's what I call her) arrived, was the implementation of a mask. 😷

Here are a few things you should see executed.

* The artist should clean their hands prior to touching products and your face.

*Products and tools should be cleaned prior to use and laid out neatly on a towel or disposable towel. They even have nice mats that can be used to place items on. (Shout out to @MakeupPaysMyBills on IG! Check her out if you're a professional makeup artist.)

*Metal or disposable spatulas should be used to remove products from their original container. If additional product is needed, the spatula should be replaced if it has come in contact with something else.

*NO DOUBLE DIPPING! 🗣Say it again for the people in the back lol!

No, seriously. Imagine being out to eat with friends and someone takes the chip they bit and dips it back into the dip. It's ruined now. So, no double dipping. Refer to the bullet above.

*Product that is removed from the original container should be placed on a palette to be used, not the back of the hand. There are some artists who like to "warm up" product on the back of their hand. Guess what? There are fancy palettes that have been created that stick to their hand so they can do just that.

*Sponges cannot be completely cleaned and sanitized. They should be disposable, gifted to the client after use, or thrown away.

*When lash glue is applied to the lash, it should not be blown on to help it dry faster.

(This one bothers my soul.) But the artist should be wearing a mask, right? Right.

*If the artist has multiple clients, everything should be sanitized in between clients. The same brushes should not be used for multiple clients. A set should be provided for each client. Hands should be washed or sanitized in between clients.

I hope these few tips help you feel comfortable and confidant in the selection of an artist the next time you want to get your makeup done. Do your research ahead of time and if you do not feel comfortable, do not go through with it. Your health comes first.

Stay safe!

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